Saturday, December 11, 2021

fasting, Day 3: numbers

Good news and bad news today.

Weight: 105.5 kg
BP: 143/96
Pulse: 83
Blood Sugar: 74

Great to see I've lost another 2 kg, and my blood sugar is now very low. It's going to be even lower once I'm done with today's walk, so I'm tempted to take another reading this evening once I'm back. BP is about the same as yesterday, up only a couple points and within my BP device's margin of error. I'm frustrated that my BP always remains so high, though, and it's enough to make me wonder whether there's a such thing as naturally high blood pressure. (Maybe that's too much to hope for.) Most disturbing is the rise in my resting pulse, but I do know that resting pulse varies hourly just as many of the other numbers do. The point is to establish trendlines and see where things are going in the long term.

If I do take more readings this evening, I'll post them right here instead of creating a separate blog post; that seems to be the best way to minimize confusion.

ADDENDUM: a seven-day fast while on meds, especially BP and blood-sugar meds, is not necessarily recommended by many doctors (more precisely, experts say you should consult a doctor if you're on meds and contemplating going on a seven-day fast; the problem with Korean doctors is they all tend to be cautious and conservative, so I already know their answer would be no). I'm aware I'm taking a risk by doing this, and if I do experience a severe crash, I'll be sure to put some sort of food in my body.

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