Thursday, December 09, 2021

fasting, Day 1: numbers

We're starting off pretty badly, kiddies. Began my fast at 11 p.m. last night and fasted for thirteen hours before taking measurements this morning. Here's the bad news:

Weight: 110 kg (the worst it's been since a low of 101 kg)
BP: 161/101 (went up after dipping down the past couple of days)
Pulse: 78 (this always varies)
Blood Sugar: 147 (really high, but... cheat days)

While some of the above was expected, the blood-pressure reading is the most disappointing. I essentially had two cheat days in a row—yesterday and the day before yesterday—so it's understandable that weight and blood sugar are way up. As for my resting pulse, well... getting that back down into the 60s will require me to keep on with the stairs work, which I'm now doing daily. I'll just keep chipping away at it, and we'll see what results we have by next week.

Also, keep in mind that calling these "Day 1 results" is a bit misleading: these are results for the previous thirteen hours. I'm currently in the midst of Day 1 as I write this. Tomorrow, Day 2, I'll have my actual Day 1 numbers, and so on through the course of the fast.

So we're off to a bad start, but now that my body's on lockdown, I expect all numbers to improve radically over the next seven or so days. Real water fast this time—no coffee, no tea, no heavy cream, nothing nutritive except maybe a little salt, now and then, to keep the electrolytes in balance.

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John Mac said...

Starting from where you are will make goal attainment all the sweeter. Well, not sugary sweet, but you know what I mean.

Good luck! We are all pulling for you.