Wednesday, December 08, 2021

pression artérielle

In BP news: the stairs practice is starting to produce benefits: my systolic, of late, has been going down from 160-something to 140-something. A week of fasting, plus daily stairs work, ought to bring the BP down even further. We'll see. Anyway, today is the true last hurrah before the fast; I do believe I'll end on a Korean note and have myself some bibimbap from the resto downstairs in the building where I work. Nutritious and delicious (but full of carbs thanks to the white rice; I'll have to see about making a cauliflower version).

Because I want to track what happens over the course of this fast as closely as I can, starting tomorrow, I'll be providing daily numbers: weight, BP, blood sugar, resting heart rate. I'll be as consistent as possible, taking my readings at exactly the same time every day, and seated in the same position. I'm normally not that consistent in taking my readings, so this'll be a new experience for me. The most important thing, at least for the first day, is to get a poop in before I take down my numbers (more accurate weight that way), but that shouldn't matter once I start fasting: there'll be nothing to poop out after a day or so of deprivation, although I've learned from experience that my body has a clever way of retaining poop for long periods, sucking every last bit of nutrition out of the last thing to be eaten. The result is that, once I start eating again, the first thing I poop out is a stone. Not looking forward to that.

Fasting allows the body to reset itself...

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