Thursday, December 30, 2021

beef on Weck redux

Unlike last time, I took pictures of my beef on Weck this time. Many thanks to my American coworker's pro-chef wife for making the elements of this wonderful sandwich from scratch. She made and baked the Kummelweck rolls; she apparently prepped beef tenderloin for the beef part, and she made a wonderful au jus with wine this time around (no au jus last time). she also made the horseradish sauce from scratch; I didn't ask about the mayonnaise.

So this time around, I was able to participate in what my coworker said was the traditional way to prep a beef on Weck: you dip one or both pieces of your bun into the au jus, a bit like the way some restaurants do a French dip. 

Three photos follow. The first was taken after I had already eaten most of the lovely sides. The next two were taken when I plated up for Round Two, and this time, I remembered not to eat the sides before taking the shot.

The wife apparently thought the buns had come out badly. I disagree.

The Missus also made the coleslaw and the jacket stuffed potato. This was a stem-to-stern meal.

Beef on Weck, in all its open-faced glory. Horseradish in foreground.

And that was lunch at the office. Nice way to finish the week (we have tomorrow off).


John Mac said...

It all looks wonderful, but damn, I can't remember the last time I saw coleslaw with that purple hue. That's always been my favorite iteration. I want some!

Kevin Kim said...

Is red cabbage hard to find in the PI?

John Mac said...

Haven't seen it in the Royal grocery store, but have not checked the town market where vendors sell local vegetables and meats.