Tuesday, June 06, 2006

audioblog 2: a very special day

Click the image and listen to my second audioblog (in a normal voice this time):

O creatures, bow before me

If for some trivial, inexcusable reason you missed the first audioblog, you can find it here.



Anonymous said...

Shit! I forgot to buy him a present.

R said...

Very pithy.


You realise you have completely destroyed the voice I had in my head.

Sorry, let me clarify.

Completely destroyed one voice - the one I had assigned to you.

Sounds a bit distorted too, perhaps you need a better mic, and/or software.

I could send you some software... Doh, that's right you have a mac...

Kevin Kim said...


Undoubtedly I need a better mike (I'm using the original Mac mike that came with this 1999-era computer) and better equipment in general, but I'm on an ancient computer, and have no plans to make an elaborate radio show.

You'll just have to pretend the distortion adds coolness and mystery-- not lameness and American nasality-- to the proceedings.


Maven said...

Your actual, undistorted voice has a midwestern quality to it, as if you were raised in IL or IN.

If 060606 is Satan's day... what will 070707 next year be?

Kevin Kim said...


I'm from northern Virginia-- been there all my life except for when I've been living abroad.

As for 070707-- that will be GOD'S DAY, of course, and He's going to be mighty pissed about having to celebrate after Satan.

But for my money, 080808 is where it's at, because that'll be Octopus Day, when we all celebrate the birthday of the Cosmic Octopus who created us all, including God and Satan, and who enfolds us in Its mighty tentacles and nibbles us tenderly with Its beak of mercy.