Friday, June 02, 2006

Ave, Pooper!

Holy shit-- this post is priceless. Especially this paragraph about how a discontented Bae Yong Jun can live a life in obscurity, safely away from the fawning, hounding masses:

My recommendation to Mr. Bae is to move to the United States where he can easily find the sweet oblivion that he so desperately desires. And also allow me to extend this invitation to International Mega-Superstar 'Rain' as well. If you ever want to go somewhere where no one knows nor cares who the hell you are, your own American Dream awaits you.


1 comment:

R said...


I can't stand that sychophantic, smiley faced, tampon of a man.

For some strange reason, his face awakens primitive violent desires within me - A desire to protect the gene pool.