Thursday, June 15, 2006

end-of-semester images 2

Found the pics! They weren't destroyed!

Below, the makings of a French-style breakfast: buttered baguette slices, and what will soon be hot chocolate. Don't worry: I also brought bananas and oranges.

Krispy Kreme has done a good job of making itself popular in Seoul. The girls take a pic of those lovely, addictive glazed dog nuts.

In the pic below, you see a tall can that is a throwback to my high school days. The first time I ever went to France and stayed with a French family, I had to tell them that I didn't drink. Their solution? Teisseire brand fruit syrup. Plop a little in your cup, then fill with water.

Below, a member of my Tues/Thurs 7:50am intro-level class, Seon-ok. She was a great student. Made a real effort to speak in English, something not everyone tried in that class (grrrr).

Below, the surprisingly numerous girls of the TR 7:50am class-- (from L to R) Ji-yeon, Ji-moon, ???constantly absent girl???, Jeong Hye-min, Seon-ok, Noh Hye-min (not pictured):

Next, the lovely Noh Hye-min and the pie she baked:

Hye-min was another great student, though occasionally a bit on the stubborn side.

Another shot of my TR 9am class. They were a happily quirky group:

A final shot of that same group:

...and those fabulous, bakery-made marshmallows I mentioned? Scroll on down.

Aaaaahhhhhh... here they are:



  1. Looks like fun!! Did you buy those KK dog nuts, or did the students? I was surprised to see a KK when I got off the train in Seoul. You guys have everything up there, sheesh. Those marshmallows look very cool too. Would they produce funky coloured rice cripsy treats, you think?

  2. Krispy Kreme donuts make me sick. Literally. Just way too sweet. So one time we asked them to give us a donut without the glaze... and it tasted like absolutely nothing. It was like eating air, but with a crapload of calories.

    And here's the thing about donuts: they go great with coffee. But I don't drink coffee, and most donut places don't have tea, so I'm forced to get hot chocolate (which is what we usually call it, by the way... not hot chocolate... milk). So then I'm eating sweet donuts and drinking sweet hot chocolate... ugh. Just thinking about it makes me never want to eat donuts again. Despite the fact that I actually kind of like donuts. Just not the really sweet ones.

    Oh, and it was nice to finally see some pics where no one in the group is making the V sign.

    Today's word verification oracle: wfovxes. Not exactly a word, but "foxes" is clearly visible. A comment on your students, perhaps?

  3. Charles,

    My verification wordoid is "xrfflut," which is exactly what my ass said this morning.

    "Hot chocolate"-- duly noted and corrected.

    As for Krispy Kreme doughnuts-- they make you sick? Oh, thou art worthless and weak. Those doughnuts are the food of the GODS!

    I suspect you've got a thing against desserts and dessert-like foods. Twice now, you've eaten a large dinner and failed miserably at finishing dessert-- once at my place (the chocolate mousse), and once at yours (that lovely strawberry shortcake). I think you need to start swallowing bowling balls to expand your stomach and increase your dessert-eating capacity.

    If you do adopt a bowling ball regime, you'll have my sympathies, because what goes in must come out.

    I don't drink coffee, either. I do like the smell of it, though.


  4. I'll have you know that I did finish that strawberry shortcake after you left. I stuffed it into a pastry tube and injected it through my nose. The aromas were wonderful.

    And I don't think my dessert-eating capacity is the problem, just my eating capacity in general. I love food, but can't eat a lot of it (or as much as I used to, at least). I don't have a "separate stomach" for dessert, like some people. Or a bottomless pit where the stomach would normally be (again like some people). So when I fill up, I fill up, and no dessert in the world will change that. But I do have a very high metabolism, so I can usually digest quickly and give dessert a second run later on. Sometimes with the aid of a pastry tube and Kleenex.



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