Monday, June 19, 2006

failed attempt at defibrillation

This morning, for shits and grins, I placed my recently-deceased cell phone back on its charger to see what would happen. What do you think occurred when the phone's battery contacts met the charger contacts?

a) The phone exploded with a sudden and startling "pop," launching bits of plastic everywhere.

b) The phone's "vibrate" function screamed to life, and kept on screaming, but nothing else happened.

c) The phone did nothing once placed on the charger, because it was "dead as Julius Caesar," as Sean Connery's Malone said in "The Untouchables."

d) The phone sprang to life momentarily, giving me hope... then died for good.

In any case, der Telefon ist kaput. If you make a correct guess in the comments section (based on the choices provided above), I'll give you a prize. No; actually, I won't.



Sean said...

I vote for number 2

Sean said...

err... letter b

Anonymous said...

I'm going with number d (or letter 4, take your pick).

Jelly said...

I vote for C then!!!
Your phone is DEET! DEET, I say!

Sean said...

I win! I win!

what's my prize?

Anonymous said...

Korea "handfone" - oh cha?

Anonymous said...

It may return to functionality after drying out. Put it somewhere warm and dry, and give it a few days. Maybe remove the battery, as well.

A friend dropped his phone into a jacuzzi, and after drying out, it worked again.