Friday, June 23, 2006

if you love your cat (& other things)

...don't get 61 more cats for him to play with.

Also of note:

Americans in North Korean missile range "just shrug," according to this article. Surprise, surprise. The Nomad posted a question tangentially related to the question of security on the peninsula: if USFK were to pull out, would you stay? It seems that most expats would. However, the question gets trickier when it comes to whether expats would stay if war broke out while they were living here.

Finally, an announcement: any more uncivil comments, and I'll be closing down the comment threads. If you can't resist the temptation to leave barbs in your comments, don't bother commenting at all. While I appreciate the good comments I receive, I've never been married to the concept of a comments section, and functioned just fine without one for almost two years (July 4th marks this blog's third birthday). I also promised to be a hardass on my own blog when it came to monitoring comments, and that's still my intention. Call it censorship if you like; I call it weeding the stupid from the smart.


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