Thursday, June 01, 2006


The Nomad alerts me to the existence of Rory's evil twin. The post moves from a hangover to getting fired to pants-shitting to getting dumped. It also confirms what I originally wrote about how guys approach shitting: men see themselves as builders. One particularly vivid passage offers us this:

After a thorough showering, Sam made it down to the bar and recounted the story several times. I convulsively laughed and beer shot out of my nose. We decided to visit the scene of shame since it was right around the corner from the bar.

Angry Steve grabbed a stick from a wood pile, and when we got to the nasty brown mass, glistening on the dirty concrete, Sam took the stick and used it to build the pile up, making a shit tower. Having a full bladder of beer, I promptly peed on the tower, causing it to disintegrate into particles and flow down the alley in unholy little rivulets.

Hats off to Angry Steve and Evil Twin. I'd say "Keep it comin'," but I suspect that's not a problem.


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Anonymous said...

Here's a joke for you. Apologies in advance if you've heard it before.

A guy's in a bar getting hammered with his friends. Suddenly he spews all over his shirt. "Shit! My wife is going to kill me," he frets.

Slipping a twenty-dollar bill into his vomit-covered shirt pocket, a friend tells him, "Don't worry about it. Just explain to your wife that some drunk guy at the bar threw up on you and gave you this twenty to pay for the cleaning bill."

Satisfied with this plan, the guy heads home. Sure enough, when his wife sees him she starts to read him the riot act. The guy interrupts his wife, explaining, "No no. You don't understand. Some guy threw up on my shirt." Taking the money from his pocket, he continued, "And he gave me this ten to pay for the cleaning bill."

The wife, looking at the money, answered, "You said he gave you a ten. You're holding a twenty. How do you exlain that?"

The guy thought for a second. Knowing he needed a clever explanation, he stammered, "The guy shit in my pants too."

Thank you. Thank you very much.