Tuesday, June 27, 2006

why Dr. Hwang is a smart guy

If I were discovered to be a fraud whose duplicity had dashed the hopes of hundreds or even thousands of people expecting cures for their ills, and had shamed millions more who saw me as a national hero, I'd do exactly what Dr. Hwang is doing: reassemble the old team and reopen the lab!

No, this isn't bullshit. Choice quote:

Lee Geon-haeng, Hwang's lawyer, said private contributors had provided the funds to put Hwang back into a laboratory.

"It is Dr. Hwang's belief that the only way to reclaim his honor and repay the people who have helped him, and win their forgiveness, is to produce accomplishments in research," Lee said by telephone.

Hwang will open a research facility in Seoul and employ many researchers who have worked with him before, Lee said.
(italics added)

Hey, man-- just don't get caught this time, OK?


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