Sunday, June 04, 2006

"Kevin's kitchen"

One of my MWF 1pm Level 1 conversation students very nicely sent me these pics from her camera phone.

Can you guess which of the three students above is Japanese?

In the above pic, Seung-min (who gave me a lovely cake as a parting gift) is talking with me about why she hates the idea of getting married while Yeong-im leans forward and bravely cuts the cheese.

You know the drill by now: a decent alfredo sauce needs only four ingredients: (1) cream, (2) butter, (3) parmesan cheese, and (4) white cheddar. Toss the ingredients in with the steaming, just-cooked fettuccine, turn on the heat, and stir until the ingredients blend into a creamy sauce before your eyes.

I was sweatin' up a storm, and trying hard not to get any sweat into the food. My students obligingly helped with the pasta-stirring (in the first pic, one student is stirring the pasta with a knife; in the second pic, I appear to be stirring it with a wide spatula), and one student even helped with making the alfredo sauce. Still others helped heat up the shrimp mixture.

This class is the one that wants to form an English circle. We're talking about it through email right now (itself good practice for the students). Given how much fun we had during the semester, I'm hoping this will carry over into whatever extracurricular activities we engage in.



Anonymous said...

Oh, that last sentence absolutely reeks of innuendo. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever quit your job unless someone throws an obscene amount of money at you (well, unless it involves a donkey and a jar of peanut butter in a Mexican bordertown). My classes are way too large to do anything fun like that.

Anonymous said...

The man cooks pasta with alfredo. Another reason the chicks dig Kevin.