Thursday, June 15, 2006

end-of-semester images

Here, at long last, are some pics from the end of the spring semester, before I embarked on my long, luxurious June break (well, it hasn't been that luxurious).

First up: my coworker WS, who got married and is no longer with us:

Next: my Tues/Thurs 9am students, looking disappointed at their evaluations:

WS's honeymoon trip was to Bali; she and her hubby left just before the Java earthquake struck. WS brought back a very nice bar of coconut soap, pictured below. You notice that it's shrink-wrapped and bound inside what appears to be a tiny raft, yes? That raft is made of cinnamon sticks. I've been grinding those sticks up and using them. Fresh. Good. Like the Fremen and their spice melange.

One of my favorite students, Seung-min, got me this lovely cake:

Below, you have a pic of my Mon/Wed/Fri 7:50am class. A sober group.

I got them to lighten up a bit:

Below, a pic of the two students from my MWF 9am class who deigned to attend the jjong-p'a-t'i, Songi and Aram (head turned away in modesty):

Next, my lone student in my MWF 10:10am class. Her name is "Yae-il," so her English name is Yale:

Yale has a distinctive voice. She deliberately tries to sound five years old. I guess Korean guys find it cute. I'd rather a lady acted her age. Yale was a very good student, though, despite that idiosyncrasy.

And now, a look at my favorite class-- the MWF 1:00pm gang:

Here they are again, slightly unhinged after five bottles of soju each:

I had other photos to show you, including pics of those incredible, bakery-made marshmallows I blogged about a while back, as well as a pic or two of my Tues/Thurs 7:50am class, but those seem not to have come out-- they got lost in the data transfer. Too bad: one student in the TR 7:50am class baked a fantastic apple pie, and I got a picture of it before it was gobbled.

So-- there you are. Pics from my once-again-usable camera.



Anonymous said...

Hae Ryoung is looking quite cute, there!

Maven said...

Fun pics!! They're all great looking gals!