Friday, June 09, 2006

can evil be the answer?

I'm thinking of starting an "Ask Satan" series on the audioblog, given the positive reviews I got for Satan's appearance in Audioblog 3. (Is "appearance" the correct term when talking about sound? How about "sonorous manifestation"?)

So ask Satan anything. Leave a question in the comments section of this thread, or send Satan an email c/o yours truly.

In the next audioblog, Satan will be responding to two burning (yeah-- burning like jock itch!) questions:

1. Satan, what are Your plans for al-Zarqawi, now that You have him in Your unholy grasp?

2. O Lord of Darkness, what is Your favorite food?

Our lines are open.



Anonymous said...

Could you ask him when he's going to pay back that W100,000 he owes me?

Maven said...


How can I keep myself from farting when I laugh? Farting just makes me laugh more, and by default fart more.

Anonymous said...

O Father of Lies,

I was talking to Charles Manson the other day, and he said "Is it hot in here, or am I crazy?"

Is that guy a card, or what?

Anonymous said...

a) Does Satan use skin lotion, and if so, which brand?

b) Did God arrange hell and all its furnishings when He created the rest of the heavens and the earth, or did he just toss Satan the keys and say "Fix it up the way you like it."?

c) What did Satan think of last season's American Idol?

Maven said...

Dear Satan:

What do you make of The Tourette's Guy?

I love his Chewbacca impression -- pretty good, expletives and all.

Am I going to hell for being amused by his ailment?