Wednesday, June 28, 2006

sleep habits restored to normalcy

Amazing. I'm back to a normal sleep schedule, and I don't quite know how it happened. Just... found myself awake at 7:30 this morning, which is perfect: starting Monday, we're back to the grind at Smoo, and my first class is at 9:30am.

Off to work on more lesson planning and syllabi. Then back to the grind at home with more Water from a Skull. Then off to Namsan for my two hours' penitence. It's been a quiet but interesting vacation.

Oh-- if you didn't know it already, my hometown is being attacked by God. The parents are vacationing in Hawaii (Dad's gift to Mom after a grueling year as president of her Korean women's organization); my brother David tells me he visits their house every day* to make sure all is well-- no basement flooding. Our ancient cat is frustrated; he wants to go outside, but he'd end up soaked and miserable, so he's sequestered in the downstairs laundry room. I imagine he'll be out like a furry missile (well, a missile with no teeth or testicles) when the rain lets up.

*Note proper usage of "every day."


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