Tuesday, June 06, 2006

audioblog 3: Satan's message to Rory on Satan's Day

In a comment, Rory complained that my voice sounded slightly distorted, possibly because of the low-tech hardware and software I'm using. Well, Rory... I might agree with you that I need to update my tech, but someone important disagrees with you. Click the image to hear a special message from the Dark One.

what's that smell?

Check out the diverse Satan sightings over at The Iceberg. Scott professes a certain familiarity with the devil. Calls him "Lou."

In other news--

I've had it. I've tried everything I know in my limited palette of tricks and stratagems, but nothing seems able to resurrect either my scanner or my camera (and I've got students waiting for pictures of the end-of-term festivities). I'm contemplating a trip back to Jonny Computer to get the work done right. As I said before, getting a pro to do the job is probably better than my screwing things up further.

I'll have to wait until after payday, though; funds are tight and I still haven't been paid for the extra work I've done.



Jelly said...

Ha ha ha!
I was able to hear this audioblog, and the 1st one was okay as well - but the 2nd one won't play for some reason. I het a little window on that with options to open or save, but then nothing happens.
Oh, whhhhyyyyyy?

Jelly said...

Oh, forget that - I got it to open. You've got a GREAT voice Kevin! You could be a radio celeb!

R said...

That was fucking great Kevin!

You have put a smile on my face for the day.

It has nothing to do with kangeroos either.

I shall be responding in time...


Anonymous said...

See? The chicks dig Kevin.