Wednesday, June 28, 2006

unfair! unfair?

I think I'm going to let Jeff and GMJ duke it out. GMJ gets points for interesting arguments in favor of the Korean side; Jeff gets points for a hilarious song.

Can't we all just get al--

Fuck off!

Full disclosure: Jeff and GMJ aren't really that much at odds, and their posts aren't directed at each other. I was simply noting the opposing viewpoints. GMJ is embarrassed by the Netizens' behavior, while Jeff, I think, is more amused by events than anything else.

Maybe I'm wrong, though. Jeff writes:

The more I read about alleged errors, conspiracies, charges of bribery, etc., something inside of me snapped and the words began to flow, and within minutes I had the [first] and [only] draft of the “Referee Blues."

Meanwhile, the French are pulling ahead. They've kicked Spain's ass and now they face Brazil. Jusqu'au bout, les Bleus!



Jeff in Korea said...

I am in agreement and and I am simply amused... when I said something "snapped" i meant somthing in my creative subconscious snapped.

Kevin Kim said...

I loved that song.


Jeff in Korea said...

Well...Thanks. It was recorded after midnight in one take, so it is nowhere near good quality. However, I certainly don't care about it enough to make a professional quality recording. As long as it doesn't totally suck, i'm fine with it.