Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hercules unblocked

And with a mighty roar, his unbridled sphincter vomited, and the world was sundered, and the sky was rent in twain. Then all was darkness, and great winged lions flew forth from out of his massive fundament, and the lions ate a third part of the people, and lo, there were not as many people as before.

About two hours after I had dropped off my computer, I got a call from Jonny. Everything was ready, he said. The upshot:

1. Jonny confirmed that the scanner driver was damn hard to locate online. He ended up getting shareware that was OSX-compatible. I'm able to use the basic functions, but have the option of buying the "pro" version. Will have to check how expensive that is (not very, I assume). There really was no other way to get the scanner going again: trying to install a driver on OS 9.2 was too damn difficult.

2. My camera simply doesn't want to connect to the USB port anymore. We don't know why. So Jonny did a clever end run: he hooked up a little USB card reader to the port on my keyboard, so now all I have to do is pull the card out of my camera, slap it in the reader, and the reader boots up and displays photos right away-- right there on OSX.

So things are better than before: I no longer even have to switch back and forth between OSes. This doesn't mean that the free software I received from a kind Samaritan (thanks again, M) has been rendered irrelevant: far from! I have so many OS 8.6-related documents that 9.2 is absolutely necessary.

Most of you are PC users, of course, so I might as well be speaking in French, hein?

Now-- the first thing I have to do is keep a promise to my students and send them the pics they've been dying to see.

We're back in business, baby!


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Anonymous said...

"Most of you are PC users, of course, so I might as well be speaking in French, hein?"

Considering how utterly irrational and silly the French are, I would say that is a perfect analogy.

Oh, and congratulations on getting your Granny Smith back in working order (more or less).