Tuesday, June 13, 2006

life isn't always about purpose

Your moment of mindless fun.

[NB: I had embedded the QuickTime video here before, but decided to remove it because it was screwing up my browser, thanks mainly to the fact that my computer is old and slow. You folks with fast computers probably didn't notice anything was wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

Before I forget: Korea's playing Togo this evening. GO, KOREA! May you prove to be better adversaries against Togo than the US was against the Czech Republic.

UPDATE: Korea has slain the Togolese warriors, eaten their brains, sucked the marrow from their bones, and sent the players' empty heads back to weeping Togolese families. The score was 2-1.



Maven said...

I love that thing. The experiments are supposed to duplicate the fountains at the Bellaggio in Las Vegas... and I dare say they did a very good duplication:)

Tho I don't drink diet coke, it does make me wonder what the combination of Mentos and DC would do to one's stomach!

Maven said...

Oh PS: