Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ave, Joel!

Korea may have lost 2-0 to Switzerland, but Joel, in this post, congratulates Korea on having played better than they did in 2002. He writes:

In my opinion the team played much better in this World Cup than [they] did in 2002 (despite having gone to the semifinals then) because they were more in control and stronger on the attack this year. In 2002 I always felt like they were holding on by the seat of their pants and then banking on luck to get by. Had things played differently this 2006 team could have certainly advanced on mostly skill.

Korea's involvement in the World Cup spans quite a few years. Those with an appreciation of history will note that it's never easy when the game's not on your home turf. 2002 saw a Korea energized by its people-- that had to help. The 2006 players had plenty of support from the home fans, but still-- they were in Deutschlands Hertz, surrounded by native and foreign mojo. The Korean fans who flew to Europe to support their team did a great job; now, it's time to come on back home.

Entretemps... allez, les Bleus! Défendez l'honneur du Groupe G!


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Joel said...

You just wanted to correct my spelling mistake. :)