Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100 Below: Volume 27

"A Mr. Nyss to see you, ma'am," said the intercom voice.

Ellen's eyes narrowed.

"What's that guy's full name, Sharon?" she asked, grinning.

A pause. Then--

"His full name is, uh, Harry P. Nyss, ma'am. He says you know his cousin, Testiq al-Falus."

"That bastard!" Ellen giggled. "Let him in!"

The door opened; in walked her lover, Roger Eaton-Enos.

"Mr. Nyss," she hissed teasingly.

"Miss O'Dumi," he grinned.

The door clicked shut.

Clothes flew off.

Grunts could be heard. Slamming. A queef. A delighted squeal.

Out at reception, Sharon sighed.

I hate this office.


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