Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam to die by hanging

All I can say is...

Adios, motherfucker. If you appeal the verdict, I hope you lose. And when they hang you, I hope they use a thick rope so that you take a long time to die.* I'm not singling you out, Saddam: I harbor the same wishes for your dictatorial confrere, Kim Jong Il.

*It's what the Protestants did to Catholic priests in Europe centuries ago.

UPDATE: Why am I suddenly worried that Saddam is going to end up dead in his cell before the execution date? He's already expressed a preference for a firing squad which, to be honest, would be my preference, too. I can imagine Saddam either killing himself (to avoid being hanged) or being killed by some overzealous Shiite who gets past security.


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