Thursday, November 09, 2006

victory is ours!

The Ewok celebration continues as piles of Republicans are heaped onto raging bonfires while hot, naked, mostly liberal lesbians scream overhead, farting fireworks into the nighttime sky. A black-suited Michael J. Fox, lightsaber swinging lazily from his belt, stares quietly into the distance. The ghost of Donald Rumsfeld joins the specters of Rick Santorum and George Allen, and the three spirits stare beadily at Fox before fading into the Force-ether.

Nancy Pelosi gingerly approaches Fox, takes his hand, and with a kind smile leads him back to the bonfires for more GOP-tossing. Later on, the members of the Rebel Alliance sit down with their Ewok companions at trestle tables. They dig into steaming bowls of stem cell porridge, listening contentedly to the roar of the fires and the popping, sizzling sound of Republican flesh cooking.

My brother sent me the above image, and I thought it was perfectly emblematic of America's current joyful state of mind.

UPDATE: My friend Max Becker-Pos sends me a link to a Flash animation rendering of a Monty Python audio segment about a word that both Democrats and Republicans are doubtless using to excess at this moment.


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