Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kiwis whomp Frogs, 47-3, in rugby

For those who follow the adventures of New Zealand's All Blacks, the top-ranked rugby team in the world, there's reason to cheer: they stomped France by an embarrassing 47-3. The Express article notes that this is an even more crushing defeat than the one delivered two years ago in France's Stade de France. The score then was 45-6. Ouch.

I'm not a rugby fan, but when I went over to L'Express to see what was up in the francophone world, that's what I saw on the front page. Allez, les "tout noirs"!

The two teams meet again next week. One of the French players said:

"On voulait se tester, on s'est testés... On a une semaine pour combler nos points faibles. On va bosser toute cette semaine et on verra ce qui se passera la semaine prochaine."

Translation: "We wanted to test ourselves; we were tested... We've got a week to shore up our weak points. We're going to work hard all week and we'll see what happens next week."

Week, week, weak.


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