Monday, November 20, 2006

Ave, Dr. Hodges!

Jeff offers his version of our recent family dinner.

One thing he asked me during the meal was whom I'd actually met from the blogging world. Let me see. I've met--

1. Charlie of Budae Chigae.

2. Charles of Liminality.

3. Sperwer of Sperwer's Log.

4. Joel of About Joel.

5. Nathan of Seoul Hero.

6. Joe of Joe Seoul Man (only briefly; Joe actually works across campus).

7. Jeff of Ruminations in Korea.

8. Todd Thacker of Sound of a Dog Eating Grass.

9. Peter S. of Oranckay.

10. Justin of Cosmic Buddha.

11. Soen Joon of Overboard, Ditch the Raft, and One Robe, One Bowl.

12. Jeff of Gypsy Scholar.

13. Brian of Cathartidae.

14. GM Jeonuchi of GM Jeonuchi.


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