Saturday, November 18, 2006

chicken man (and links)

I've been at the office for the past few hours, working on lesson plans, doing some proofreading, and finishing up Charles's NaNoWriMo story. Since I knew I would be here for a while, I decided to order some fried chicken from the local deadbirdery. When the delivery guy appeared, he did a double-take and asked, "Haven't I seen you on TV?"

I've gotten this before, and I have in fact been on TV, but you'd have to have a very good memory: my lone appearance lasted about twenty seconds, and featured me answering questions about the vegetarian food I was eating and my impressions of the Buddhism conference I was attending.

So I told the delivery guy that I probably wasn't the person he was thinking of. A lot of Westerners get the "I've seen you before, haven't I?" treatment here. This Yangpa article is a good parody of the Korean ability to see the resemblance between any Western expat and any Western celebrity.

Some blogs and articles caught my eye today:

1. The Metropolitician has a whole slew of good posts. Check out his post on Camille Paglia and his post on James Bond. His Basil Poledouris tribute is pretty good, too.

2. Israel gets the right idea with the "bionic hornet" and "super gloves" that offer extra, er, punching power. Just don't use them to whack off, guys.

3. Israel again: the nanobattery.

4. Rory isn't dead. He's just pissed off.

5. Jelly continues to fight for proper pay. Not gonna be easy, dude. Good luck.

6. Hard to believe Nathan's baby is already six months old!

7. I really shouldn't laugh at this.


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