Monday, November 06, 2006

listen up!

My buddy Thomas SJ gave birth to an evil brainchild called "Sae Bbalgan Yeong-eo," or "New Red English." It's a 20-minute radio broadcast that will be airing almost every night at midnight, and might become available online as well. I'll be updating this post later in the evening to give you the channel... check back after 10pm. Tom works all day and takes MA (TESOL) classes at night in my neighborhood (about 50 meters from where I live, actually), so I'll check in with him soon.

I actually have the 18MB file of his maiden broadcast here on my office computer's hard drive, but I'm unsure of the legality of slapping the file on my blog. Just to be safe, I'd rather point you to either the proper place on the dial or to a website.

Tonight's special expression? "Morning wood." If you like what you hear, do spread the word to your Korean friends. They'll have a chance to learn some useful English.

More later.

UPDATE: Tom's show is available via DMB (broadcasting for cell phones). You need to visit TU Media, look for "Winglish," then go to "새 빨간 영어," or "New Red English." Nothing to do with commies.


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