Wednesday, November 08, 2006

wut it al meenz

On the plus side, the Democrats' elevation to power means the return of heterosexual sex scandals, which are more entertaining for us heterosexuals. Unfortunately, it also means the return of the Democrats' patron pimp, Bill "Find the Hole" Clinton, that ever-tumescent champion of feminist causes.

On a less facetious note, I actually greet these election results with a sense of relief: the GOP needs a good chastening, and the three branches of government need to enjoy some dynamic tension to compensate for years of listing to starboard. Andrew Sullivan says it best when he notes that "the country wants to go back to the center." That's where we should be most of the time, with only rare exceptions. The center is boring, true, but it's also healthy and balanced, hence my distrust of avowed lefties and righties.

Will the Dems "cut and run" in Iraq? Conservatives will be watching. Will Bush take some rightie bloggers' advice and start exercising the veto like mad? Time will tell. The next two years are important for Dems, because they set the stage for the second phase of the Dem backlash: the recovery of the presidency. Can it happen? At this point, I'd say anything's possible. Will it happen under the likes of Hillary Clintoris or Howard Deanicle? Doubtful. But slap up a Mark Warner, and I'd say the odds are good.

Right about now, Bill Clinton is gleefully raping a puppy; Condi Rice is staring sadly at a smoking, sparking dildo; and Nancy Pelosi, who will assume the mantle of Reverend Mother of the House of Representatives, is using the Force to fire lightning bolts from her fingertips into her own face so she can look the part.



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