Sunday, November 26, 2006

postal scrotum: plagiarism traffic school?

This was sent in by ML, and may be of interest to Dr. Hodges:

Pima Community College creates "traffic school" for plagiarists

TUCSON, Ariz. Students caught turning in plagiarized term papers at Pima Community College are getting a chance to mend their ways.

Instead of expelling students caught cheating, the college now lets them go through a "Traffic School for Plagiarism" program.

Instructor Meg Files says the growing use of the internet has led to an explosion of cut and paste term papers. She says students are lured by the ease of the cheating and haven't learned the right way to do college level work.

Files says she created the traffic school because kicking a student out of school doesn't help anyone, especially the student.

Those caught cheating must read up on plagiarism, write a paper -- original, of course -- and meet with a faculty committee before their record is cleared.


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