Friday, November 03, 2006

seafood no more

Seafood, which is consumed worldwide, is apparently going to disappear within five decades as various patches of the global ecosystem collapse due to overfishing, pollution, and other factors (see here for the good news). This is a great topic for Adam Yoshida (check out his awesome haniwa) to blog on: he's got the science background to make sense of the big picture.

As always, my own take is that biodiversity is "good" to the extent that it serves humanity. If we don't maintain biodiversity, we'll die. Nature is value-neutral; human beings are the ones who ascribe beauty and goodness to nature. If "goodness" equates to "human survival," then biodiversity is good.

And if we, as a species, are collectively stupid enough to starve ourselves on a grand scale, then perhaps we deserve our own extinction. The fruits of karma are always condign.


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