Sunday, November 26, 2006


[11/27 10:15am UPDATE: I wrote "okonomiyaki" when I meant "takoyaki." Apologies to anyone I might have offended.]

My Level 3 conversation students (yes, the good class) did their oral presentations last week. Since we're all about incorporating realia in the classroom, what better way to talk about fine Japanese cuisine than to make some in class?

OK, in truth, takoyaki is more of a street food than haute cuisine; you can find the stands scattered about Seoul, especially in Chongno, close to the Insa-dong area.

These are some shots taken by one of my students, JK. SM, the student making the takoyaki, was worried about how long the process was taking. We, the rest of the class, weren't helping matters by simply staring and drooling.


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