Tuesday, November 07, 2006

what's my face doing on Slate?

Kangmi sent me an email (and a snapshot) alerting me to the fact that my ugly mug is making an appearance on one of Slate's pages. The link Kangmi sent me was this:

("Can I Vote Without Going Outside?")

The image she sent me was this (I cropped her original):

There I am, but why?

I wrote Kangmi back to say that, when I visited her link, I didn't see my face anywhere. She replied that she was still seeing the face, on and off, whenever she hit "refresh" on her browser.

My guess is that people in Korea won't see my face, while people in the States might. I'm basing this guess on the behavior of banner ads on SiteMeter: many of the ads I see here are in Korean-- ads I never see when I'm in America. This seems to mean that ad space might be geography-specific, perhaps following a targeted marketing algorithm (please email me with the proper term for this). Some ads on Slate might follow the same algorithm.

In any case, it appears I'm famous for a day, but I have no idea how or why this happened.


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