Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day links

Seems to be all about the YouTube videos.

Jelly sends me a link to the farting preacher.

My buddy Tom links to Adam Sandler's Turkey Song.

Annika offers a hilarious pair of videos-- the first is a badly-filmed phone cam vid of a recent incident at UCLA's Powell Library, in which a student apparently came into the library, was asked for ID, and then caused a scene. I'm not clear on what exactly occurred; it seems the student had no ID and refused to budge. The campus police rather quickly resorted to tasering the student, who obligingly screamed bloody murder with every jolt.

The comments appended to Annika's post show a distinct lack of sympathy for the unruly student, and some commenters note that a true tasering would have resulted in the target's complete inability to speak, much less scream at the top of his lungs. Full disclosure: most of Annika's commenters lean right; one commenter, Strawman, is the token leftie.

I pretty much side with the righties on this one. The whiny bitch in the library had no ID, refused to cooperate with the campus police, and proceeded to make a scene, which I agree was probably his purpose from the beginning.

While tasering was, in my opinion, unnecessary, it was also a lot gentler than how I would have handled the situation: I would have cinched my belt around the guy's neck to cut off his airway, dragged him outside and kept him there until he was unconscious, then released the belt and left him lying senseless on the grass. Yeah, I'm a Nazi. It's a good thing I'm not a campus policeman; I'd be fired after one day and sued for the next twenty years.

The second video in Annika's post is a hilarious "public service announcement" to black people, filmed by Chris Rock and company. The PSA purports to show black people "how not to get your ass kicked" by the police. It's the kind of video that confirms, for some folks, that Rock is a closet conservative Republican. I see it as Rock stating the obvious: there's a lot less trouble when you just obey the fucking law.

And on that note, I'm off to find me some dirty bird.


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