Thursday, November 30, 2006

hits from unlikely places

Over the past few weeks, I've seen my normally low site traffic spike on occasion, all thanks to the denizens of that most famous of message board communities, Dave's ESL Cafe.

People on those boards have linked to my blog on three distinct occasions. The most recent link (see here) isn't even for something I wrote: the poster found one of my old postal scrotums* in which I'd posted the letter of a reader advising me to steer clear of a certain very large hagwon chain. I'm glad I took the advice. Whatever woes I might have experienced at Smoo, they are nothing compared to the crap I've been through while trapped in the hagwon system.

[NB: Some readers tell me their hagwon experience hasn't been hellish at all. I'm happy for them. That, or I want whatever illegal palliatives they're taking.]

Life at Smoo is far from woe-free, of course, and I'll be writing about some of today's woes this evening. Stay tuned. In the meantime, many thanks to the collective intelligence of Dave's ESL Cafe, which has seen fit to shine its baleful, Gollum-like stare upon this humble blog on several occasions. By choosing to boost traffic to my blog, Dave's ESL Cafe proves that "the wisdom of the masses" is yet another canard.

*You newbies might not realize that "postal scrotum" is simply Ho-speak for "mail bag." It has nothing to do with a ball sac going nuts and shooting people.


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