Monday, November 27, 2006

postal scrotum: Andy on "Serenity"

Andy R. writes:

Hi Kevin,

Re: "Serenity", you said, "For me, "Serenity" feels like a large TV episode, not a movie."

Yep. It's worth noting that the movie is actually a remake (at times approaching frame-for-frame) of the pilot.

I watched the movie before I saw any of the tv episodes. What struck is that the movie is what some reviewers actually promised: acceptable for the long-time fans, and a do-able introduction for new fans. By itself this is no miracle, but it's a nice touch.

You also wrote, "'ll probably find yourself wondering, at times, what makes 'Serenity' so watchable."

Part of it may be that the characters aren't the typical drama's "best of the best." The folks are the usual assortment of hard-working folks we've all dealt with in our own lives. They deal with their troubles with humor, everyone has their turn being both "the Hero" and "the Goat" in a way that most folks can relate to.

For me, the movie's/show's allure is largely in the notion of "being on your own." In the Old West sense of the phrase. No income taxes. No permits. You live by the sweat of your brow, survive by using your wits. And all of that happens without the lop-sided red tape in the modern-day West.

(And that, by the way, is not dissimilar to my moving to Korea...)

The world it showcases really strikes a nerve with me. The backdrop of an uptight gov't following it's War Of Northern Aggression hits closer to home the older I get. That may just be me so take it with a big grain of salt.

As an aside, if you have a chance to watch just one of the episodes, I highly recommend the flashback episode (#8) "Out of Gas."



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