Tuesday, November 14, 2006

watch this

I lumbered into the Chongno district, poked around some jewelry stores, and got directions to a watch repair shop. The fix took all of fifteen minutes; it cost me W8000 to replace the battery and get a new winder handle (mine always chips off; the process takes about two years before it's down to an unusable nub). Compared to the repair cost of the Chinese-owned watch repair shop I used to visit in northern Virginia, W8000 is a damn bargain. We'll find out, in the coming months, whether the repair is solid.

I've had this watch, a Seiko with my university's logo, since 1991. It was given to me by my parents as a graduation gift, and I've worn it faithfully (on my wrist, never up my ass like Cap'n Koons) ever since. The watch has died on me several times (it's not as water-resistant as Seiko, that untrustworthy slut, claims), but it's always bounced back after a fix.

Tonight was a first, because I'd never had my watch repaired in Korea before. I feel as though I should celebrate or something.


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