Sunday, November 05, 2006

postal scrotum: the Maven on links and marriage

Hey there Kevin,

Glad to notice that I did not fall into that segment of mutual linkage whereby listing you as "THE..." I immediately flipped back to my sidepanel to see how I had you linked to make sure I didn't make that faux pas. See, I think what is worse than someone listing you incorrectly, would be to have a disorganized sidepanel, so if someone were looking for a particular blog, it won't get lost. I try to keep it alphabetical. I have my sidepanel broken down into about four groups: 1. All blogs I choose to read which are related to ABB's blog; 2. All the known-female bloggers I read; 3. All the male bloggers I read; and lastly 4. A miscellaneous group which might list others, or "group blogs." Not really a Dewey Decimal System, but it works for me... as I have it set up for MY EASE OF READING, so that I can just scroll down to whomever I want to read while I am at work, thus not needing those folks to be listed in my bookmarks, etc.

Onto another topic... MARRIAGE.

Folks insisting that someone marry by a certain age is so arbitrary. It would be like me expecting everyone to naturally enjoy eating blue cheese, or eating peanut butter off a spoon. To some folks, blue cheese is enjoyable and nuanced; to others it just stinks. Between those two perceptions is where (a good) marriage remains.

Does a non-blue cheese eating person have something seriously sociologically wrong with themselves? Doubtful. Does a non-blue cheese eating person miss out on something enjoyable? Perhaps. It all depends on perception.

Marriage in its best form is comfortable, familiar, a known entity, and a source of love and inspiration. Marriage in it's worst form can be poverty-inducing, and otherwise nightmarish should it not work out.

Perhaps it's self-preservationism to not persue marriage, so as to save one's sanity. Perhaps not. All I know is there are some folks out there who just *know* they want to be married. To be part of a couple, and others who are not so sure.

And with the exception of a very small minority of folks who have achieved some type of BLISSFUL WEDDED-NES, I can honestly say that for the rest of us who are seemingly happily married, behind every married person is a single person wondering if they made the right decision. Only time will tell if we all made the right decision.

Just my humble thoughts...

Peace ('two fingas")


Thanks for the email. My rant about sidebar listings was supposed to be a joke (hence the UN reference); on my own sidebar, which is generally divided up by topics/themes, there's no rhyme or reason to the order of blogs within each category. A long time ago, the order was roughly chronological in terms of when I discovered a blog, but that system's gone by the wayside.

As for marriage: yeah, I imagine that, as with any loving relationship, it's a life of ups and downs, faith and doubt.


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