Friday, November 10, 2006

postal scrotum: from the Nomad

A correction: I earlier wrote that Joe Seoul Man had scooped the Koreablogosphere regarding the miniskirt issue, but the Nomad reminds me of something I missed:

Regarding the legalization of miniskirts, I did *sort of* blog that not too long ago:

I stand corrected. As I mentioned to the Nomad via email, however, I did check both his blog and the Marmot's blog for references to miniskirts. Strangely enough, the Marmot's blog came up empty on that score (try it with his search function: search for "miniskirt" and "miniskirts"). The Nomad's blog did have several entries mentioning miniskirts, but the most recent of them dates to this past July. So in my defense, I'd note that Joe's post focuses primarily on the miniskirtic (miniskirtial?) aspect of the old laws, whereas the Nomad's above-linked post is more about those laws as a whole.


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