Saturday, February 01, 2020

le boeuf bourguignon sur le lieu de travail

I took my boeuf bourguignon into work to serve to coworkers. One coworker with gluten sensitivity turned the food down. Another turned it down because he's been a pissy little bitch who now turns down everything I offer him (despite his having been one of my biggest culinary cheerleaders in the past). A third coworker failed to show up despite having said she'd be coming in. So in the end, the only two people who ate any of the dish were me and my supervisor. Below are our bowls:

The beef was perfectly tender, I have to say. My supervisor remarked that he hadn't had this dish for twenty years, so this was a trip down Memory Lane for him. I was also happy that, unlike pasta Alfredo, the beef proved to be perfectly microwavable. This is because the sauce was little more than red wine, chicken stock, and a bit of flour and cornstarch. Alfredo sauces are cheesy and oily, and microwaving them only causes the sauce components to separate. Anyway, the smell coming out of the microwave was seductive as hell, and my supervisor and I enjoyed our respective giant bowls of Beef Burgundy. I even went off-keto and ate my portion with fusilli. No regrets.

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Daniel said...

Looks (and I'm sure tasted) amazing!