Monday, July 19, 2021

a few noodle ideas came to me

I've got these keto noodles sitting in my freezer. They're ostensibly spaghetti noodles, but as I said in my noodle post, they might actually work better as noodles in some sort of Korean or Japanese soup. I looked up a recipe for soba (see here), where you pile your noodles on one side of the plate and put a tub of cold dipping sauce on the other side (it's usually a rectangular plate). To make the dipping sauce keto-friendly, I'd have to use tamari or liquid aminos instead of regular soy sauce, but that's not a big deal. I've tried both (I have both in my kitchen cabinet), and they work. And with soba, there are a million variations.

So soba is one idea. Another is something like Korean naengmyeon, although I'll have to see what it takes to make keto gochujang if I go the bibim-naengmyeon route. I could also use the pasta to make Japanese ramen or Korean ramyeon, and there are plenty of other Korean soups that are made with noodles. I'd also be curious to try jjajang-myeon, but making that keto-friendly will be hard.

Upshot: I have many alternatives at my fingertips. Can't do any of them yet, not as long as I'm still on the Newcastle Diet (I think I may have gained back at least a kilo after yesterday's foray into pasta), but once I'm off the diet, I'll see what magic I can work with keto noodles. I do like their texture. More on this as it happens.

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