Saturday, July 31, 2021

some pics from the road

I'm sitting at Yangsu Station, 15 km out from Hanam and 20 km from my destination. Light is fading, and it's finally cooler. 

I've done this route and photographed it so many times that the following pics might be boring, but here they are, anyway:

And there we are. 

I forgot to take my pain meds. Feet are hurting; they'll be screaming by the time I'm at my motel. More later. 


John Mac said...

The photos are never boring. It is nice to be reminded what a beautiful country Korea truly is. I really do miss my life there. Well, the happy part anyway.

That Rabbit Island restaurant looks amazing. Especially since appears to be out in the middle of nowhere. I guess civilization must be nearby? Also glad to see that spider is still doing fine since your last time through.

Kevin Kim said...

I'll assume you're joking about the spider. It's almost certainly a different one, especially as I took that shot in a different place from previous spider shots.