Saturday, July 10, 2021

keto bread: once more unto the breach

Tomorrow, I'll be trying to make keto bread with yet another tweak to Joe Duff's recipe. After some modifications, I now have a recipe that works for hamburger buns—thin but sturdy enough to handle a burger (I might make my burgers thinner next time, i.e., I'll make smash burgers). But as I found out, the recipe doesn't make a very good hot-dog bun: too heavy. So, sadly, I'm still on my quest for a decent hot-dog bun.

What I plan to do is switch out the baking powder with yeast, and I'll also be adding vital wheat gluten to give the bread a bit more structure. This will be a longer process involving at least two rises, but I'm hoping the results will be worth it. 

So wish me luck. And expect more photos.


Charles said...

Good luck, and Godspeed!

I imagine you should have better luck with the yeast, as soda breads don't really hold up well to kneading/proofing, whereas yeast breads thrive. Don't be afraid of a wet dough if you want airy bread--especially if you are using tins.

Kevin Kim said...

In his bread-related videos, Chef John likes to joke that you should never hesitate because dough can sense fear.

Charles said...

I know what he means. Especially with wetter dough, you really have to be firm and decisive. And it took me years to realize that the key to successfully scoring dough before baking is to slash quickly, as if you were in a knife fight and you wanted to open up some guy's throat. You try to go slow and the blade just gets stuck in the dough, making a mess.

Baking is violent, man.