Saturday, July 31, 2021

BP, BS stats redux

I took my blood-pressure and blood-sugar readings this morning. My BP machine also takes my pulse, so I've got that reading as well.

BP: 138/81

Pulse: 63 

BS: 78 (fasting glucose)

I'm wowed by the pulse and blood-sugar numbers, but not so wowed by the blood-pressure numbers, which are still stubbornly high, despite the weight loss, stair work, and meds. A blood-sugar reading of 78 arguably puts me in the non-diabetic range, a sign that the Newcastle Diet is doing what it advertises. But it could also simply be a result of the metformin I took last night (I take it twice daily: before bed and after waking; metformin reduces blood sugar). Metformin notwithstanding, I take my numbers to be, overall, a good sign that things are headed in the right direction. Perhaps this time next year, I'll be able to boast even better numbers. We'll see.

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