Tuesday, July 13, 2021

ratcheting up

I might not be working on pushups and pullups right now, but I've ratcheted up in other ways. I've gone from seven to ten floors with my stair work, and I've gone from 5 km to 7.5 km for my Monday-Wednesday-Friday walks. I'm getting close to being able to tighten my belt another notch, which makes me wonder whether I'll reach the final hole on the belt by the time the Newcastle Diet is over. I'm thinking of buying some dumbbells so I can do some shoulder work once my shoulder is better. I have narrow shoulders.

My Korean coworker gifted me with a lunch of squid and fresh-cut vegetables. I think the idea is that you're supposed to drag them all through gochujang (which is not keto-friendly, given one of the major ingredients is rice flour). I'm not a fan of squid that's merely boiled and then served cold. I like ojingeo-bokgeum just fine, and I enjoy stuffed squid done European-style, but squid in a state that reminds me of how it is when raw is not really my thing. I don't want to offend my coworker by not eating what he gave me, though, so I told him I'll eat that lunch tomorrow. (I already had lunch plans for today, involving the keto-friendly leftovers from last Friday. I'll continue with the leftovers on Thursday.) I'll have to tell him, though, not to give that sort of gift again. Better to be truthful than to perpetuate a charade. At least my coworker's gift is fairly low-calorie and low-carb, aside from the gochujang. I think I'll manage to choke it down without retching.

So I expect to have lost more weight, by the time Week 5 is done, than I did during Week 4. We'll see this coming Sunday morning, I guess. Stay tuned.

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John Mac said...

Yep, buying that new belt will be quite the milestone. One of these days you'll have to buy new pants too. Keep on keepin' on!