Monday, July 12, 2021

gonna lay off pushups and pullups for a bit

I've got some kind of nasty rotator-cuff problem in my right shoulder, probably because I'm a side sleeper, and I'm not getting any younger. Hadn't had any problems up until about two or three weeks ago, and now this. It's making arm movement painful; I have trouble using my right arm to scrub the back of my left shoulder in the shower. I've been trying to ease the pain by sleeping on my left side, but I'm not used to that posture, so it's difficult to do that. It also doesn't seem to be helping all that much, anyway, when I do manage to sleep on my left side. There are physical-therapy videos on YouTube that deal with the rotator cuff, so I'm going to follow the advice of those videos for a while and see if that helps with the pain. Once the pain is at a manageable level, I'll resume the pushups and pullups.


  1. Yup, lay off the resistance training till everything heals up. First, do no harm!

  2. I'm a side sleeper too and get shoulder pain even without the exercise. I think you are wise to lay off those particular endeavors while your body adapts to all these new healthy routines you are throwing at it.

    Good luck!

  3. I am a rotisserie sleeper, so I generally don't have problems like that, but it does sound like a good idea to not exacerbate the issue with pushups and pullups. I think we're at the age where "pushing through the pain" might not be the best approach.

  4. Charles,

    Yeah, pushing through the pain is generally a bad idea, although I'll do it when walking, but that's mainly because I know myself, and pain is what you sign up for when you distance walk. (My buddy JW proves this with almost every walk, now, since he's usually the one calling for rest stops because of his aching feet. His experience has taught me that you don't have to be heavy to experience foot pain.)

    Daniel and John,

    Thank you, gents.

  5. This diagnosis vid might help:
    As a former pulluper with shoulder/neck related issues, I feel your pain.
    Interestingly, push ups done wrong can cause even more severe injuries than pull ups. How about swimming (breast stroke) as a whole body muscle workout? No violent thrusting movements and you get a shower on site. Personally, I found adjusting to back sleeping easy, though I'll treat myself to a side night now and again whenever I want one of those dreams in which you're dominating fate.

  6. Neil,

    Bob & Brad are two of the guys I watch. I've already looked at one or two of their rotator-cuff videos, but this one will be useful, too. Thanks.



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