Wednesday, July 21, 2021

la Migra calls

I got a text, a few days ago, from Immigration. Two texts, actually, a few hours apart. The first text said that, because of the virus, my F4 visa's period of validity has been extended from this coming August 31 (my birthday) to next April 30. A few hours later, I got an update saying the extension would be only until this coming November 30. Damn. Well, an extension is an extension, I guess, and my F4 is good for three years, so once I get the renewal process over with, I'll be good until 2024. They apparently don't want us visiting the immigration office right now, thanks to the virus. My boss, meanwhile, thinks I should apply for an F5 visa, which is for long-term residents of Korea. I just might, at that.


  1. I had no idea that the F4 visa was so short. You should definitely get an F5.



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