Thursday, July 08, 2021

prepping real bread

I'm prepping Charles's buns for the troops. The dough has been balled up and is undergoing its final rise, and soon, we will bake. I'm using the mini-tins to make top-split hot-dog buns; I suspect these buns will come out looking smoother and nicer than the keto bread did. We'll soon know, and as always, there will be photos, so stay tuned.

Tonight, I used my new stand mixer to knead the dough, but I'm not sure how much kneading occurred. The dough got caught on the dough hook and whirled around a lot, only occasionally bumping the walls of the metal bowl and getting turned. Some dough stuck to the bottom of the bowl and didn't move at all, so after some time, I took the dough out of the mixer and kneaded it a bit myself, just to be sure. How this will affect the overall results, I don't know, but as I said, we'll soon find out.

More in a bit!


Charles said...

What you described in the stand mixer sounds pretty common, in my experience. I generally get some dough sticking to the bottom if it is a little on the wet side, and the bumps that seem occasional are usually enough to knead it properly. If you are worried about it, though, you can always stop the mixer and scrape the dough off the hook.

What speed did you have the mixer on, and how long did you knead the dough for? I don't remember what the instructions were for that recipe, or if I had modified it for a stand mixer.

Kevin Kim said...

Your instructions called for a 15-20- minute knead, so I did 20 minutes on the machine and another 5 minutes by hand. Mixer speed was 2. Slow and steady.

Charles said...

Oh, uh... that is way too long for a stand mixer. Those instructions must have been for kneading by hand. That dough was definitely over-kneaded if you let it go for 20 minutes.

My standard kneading format is two minutes to get all the ingredients together into a dough, followed by a 20-minute autolyse, and then four more minutes of kneading. That is all you will need (knead?).

Kevin Kim said...

That explains why it didn't rise so much. Oh, well. Live and learn. It still came out pretty well, but I won't go so long next time.

Charles said...

Yeah, it's a pretty forgiving dough, but no dough is going to stand up to twenty minutes in a stand mixer.

Kevin Kim said...

I think I have more confidence in your dough than you do. But we'll see whether the troops complain tomorrow. And again, I don't think the machine kneaded the dough all that much, even after twenty minutes.