Saturday, July 24, 2021

while I wait, Coupang delivers

I got two Coupang packages today: a kilo of pepperoni and two cans of Wonderfarm coconut cream. Judging by the Vietnamese on the cans, Wonderfarm is a Vietnamese company. (I got coconut oil just the other day. It came with a warning in Korean that said one should use only a clean spoon when dealing with the coconut oil.) The coconut cream is canned, so I won't be opening it until I need it, but I did open and try the pepperoni because I remember how shitty the last batch was. This time around, the pepperoni wasn't bad. Still not ideal, still not quite "the real thing," but way better than the crappy stuff from before. So that's good. I can make tolerable keto pizzas with that (about the only thing fathead dough is good for is pizza crust, now that I know how heavy fathead dough can be).

One hilarious thing about the pepperoni, which was delivered right to my door, was the way it was packaged. Like last time, the meat itself was in a white plastic container that had a thin sheet of transparent, labeled plastic over top—easy to cut through and open. The pepperoni had been boxed in a styrofoam container, presumably to keep in the cold, but instead of the usual chemical ice packs to help refrigerate the meat, two frozen bottles of spring water had been placed inside. Well, the bottles must have been frozen at some point: by the time I opened the box, they had mostly melted. Not to worry, though—pepperoni is a bit like hot dogs: it takes a long time to rot, and when I tasted the pepperoni, it was fine.

So that's my trove for the day. I have a slew of other items all set to arrive over the coming two weeks (including my new credit card and my new Big Walk tee shirt from Teespring), so Christmas will be here several times before August is over.

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