Friday, July 30, 2021


After writing all that stuff about fasting and cravings and hunger yesterday, I ended up eating a handful of nuts and the last of my dried blueberries last night. Having ruined my blood sugar with the blueberries (dried fruit = carb bomb, which is why keto-heads generally avoid them), I decided not to test my BS this morning. I'll do it tomorrow. I'm morbidly curious as to how last night's indulgence—if you can call it that—will affect this week's weight loss. I still had an over-1000-calorie deficit for yesterday, and it'll still be over 1000 calories for today, so hopefully, I'm still on track to lose weight for Week 7.

Second night of walking up the stairs to the 14th floor went well yesterday. Two more weeks of doing that, then I move the goal up to the 20th floor. We're getting close to 26.

As I've lost weight, I've had to update MyFitnessPal, and with each bit of weight loss, MFP has recalculated my basal metabolic rate. I've gone from a high of needing over 2500 calories a day to now needing just above 2000 calories. I hope that puts a 1000-calorie deficit in perspective. It means I need 2000 calories to maintain weight, but I'm expending 3000 calories over the course of the day, thereby dropping me into a deficit of 1000 calories. So my deficit is 50% of my BMR (1000 calories versus 2000 calories). I also now have the honor of being exactly average when people talk about how "the average man needs about 2000 calories per day to maintain weight."

My BMR will go lower as I continue to lose. It may get to a point where my BMR gets lower than the number of daily calories I will allow myself, and the only reason why that'll be okay is that I'll be fasting every other day. The two-day average will be around 1000 calories, not much higher than how things are on the Newcastle Diet.

Anyway, I felt motivated to post a mea culpa, but I was hungry. What can I say?

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