Thursday, July 08, 2021

legit bread

I think these turned out pretty well. I had to stifle the urge to eat one:

As you see, I made six hamburger buns and six hot-dog buns. Two dog buns were done freehand and laid out on the tray with the hamburger buns. The other four dog buns were baked in their mini-tins, and they seem to have come out about as well as can be expected. I'll split them along the top when the time comes. The freehand dog buns can probably be split along the side like regular hot-dog buns.

Below, a closeup of one dog bun out of its tray:

Side view:

Bottom view:

Once they've completely cooled, I'll bag them up for Friday.

Just a note: compared to the huge Kirkland franks I'll be serving, these dog buns are ridiculously tiny. But I'd rather have it that way than the other way around: as I wrote earlier, there's nothing sadder than a frank too short for its bun.


John Mac said...

Compared to the hand that is holding them, those buns look tiny! I'm guessing that's an optical illusion. Or you have really big hands.

Kevin Kim said...

I do wish the mini-tins were maybe an inch or two longer.

Kevin Kim said...

To clarify, the mini-tins are about five inches long. For a standard hot dog, that's long enough. For Kirkland franks, though, that's puny.

Charles said...

Well, smaller buns make the hot dogs look bigger, so that's a positive.

Anyway, the bread looks like it came out nice!

(Completely random comment: Do you know if Blogger changed their code somehow regarding window focus? I've been finding lately that the comment pop-up window will lose focus randomly if my mouse cursor is not over the actual window. It's weird.)

Kevin Kim said...

Not sure what's up with Blogger, but it's not surprising that it might be occasionally glitchy. I haven't seen that problem myself. Yet.

Charles said...

I've been trying to pin it down, but it's weird. Sometimes the window loses focus when I move the mouse away from it... and other times it doesn't.

Usually what happens is I will be typing and I will accidentally hit the mouse, and suddenly the pop-up disappears (i.e., focus shifts to the main browser window in the background). Although I've been doing some testing as I'm typing this comment, and it also seems to happen if the mouse starts out not over the pop-up window and then I move it over the window. But not always. I dunno. It seems to have something to do with moving the cursor over or away from the pop-up window, but I can't replicate the behavior every time. Very weird.

Kevin Kim said...

Very weird, indeed. I just tried your test myself, and I'm not experiencing such a problem. Do you think there might be something unstable about your browser? Maybe see what happens when you use another browser. I only use Chrome these days, although I suppose I could use Safari on my Mac at home, so I'm thinking you could perhaps use whatever browser is native to your home computer for comparison's sake.

Does this behavior occur when you're trying to comment on anyone else's blog or site, especially if it's not a BlogSpot site?